INDUcoder Messtechnik GmbH was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Duisburg since 2001. The brand name INDUcoder® includes encoders of standard series products and encoders for special applications.

The special is our standard

We develop, produce and sell incremental encoders and absolute single-and multi-turn encoders, high-resolution encoders with high measuring accuracy, absolute and incremental manual encoders and programmable hand-held terminals, robust encoder systems AWG / AWS, incremental and absolute linear displacement transducers and multifunctional, programmable display modules.

We deliver our products to our customers all over the world, as quick as possible directly from Duisburg.

Due to an utmost variety of standard encoders: case diameter from 12 mm - 180 mm, up to 900,000 pulses per revolution, high measuring range accuracy to ± 5 ", up to 30 bit total resolution, wide selection of interfaces, linear measurement up to 50 meters, robust encoder systems with high load capacity for applications under special environmental conditions from -40 ° to +200 ° C, INDUcoder® encoders are suitable for a wide range of applications.

In all areas of industrial automation, in steel and heavy manchinery industry, up to research projects in farthest areas worldwide, our encoders are absolutely reliable in operation all over the world.

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