Absolut Encoder Ethernet Powerlink

INDUcoder now offers the absolute encoders with standard package dimension 58 mm, EAM 58 with shaft or CAH 58 with hollow shaft, with ETHERNET Powerlink Interface.

The ETHERNET Powerlink Interface is based on the well known Ethernet technology, but now provides communication in real time. ETHERNET Powerlink is suitable for applications that need short and reproducible response times, for example in high dynamic drive engineering applications.

The built-in Ethernet Interface is based on standard components. The protocols for Ethernet Powerlink are completely handled within the micro controller of the encoder. Therefore the device can be integrated in ETHERNET networks with other than Ethernet Powerlink participants. For easy access on process data and configuration of the encoder the following protocols are provided: TCP, HTTP, SMTP and FTP. Therefore the encoder can be configured via PC and web browser.

To guarantee safe operation in industrial environment, the Ethernet interface of the absolute encoders EAM58 and CAH58 is connected by M12 connectors. This allows easy connection of the encoder and also a high protection class up to IP 66 is achievable.

The integrated 3-port-repeater also provides easy connections from participant to participant within the Ethernet network. Integration into existing Ethernet network topology is also possible without problems.

The network address is set by two 10-step rotating switches. The following address range is disposable: to Information about the device status and the network status are given by light emitting diodes mounted on the rear of the connection cap.

  • Optical absolute encoder with shaft or with hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with 8, 10, 12 or 15 mm diameter
  • Package dimension 58 mm - optional with stainless steel housing
  • Single-turn and multi-turn with resolution up to 30 bit
  • Interface: ETHERNET Powerlink
  • Protection class IP 65, IP 66 optional
  • Shock resistance 300 m/s²

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