Absolut Manual Encoder MEA 70


Manual Pulse Generators MEA 70 combines the well known advantage of electronical manual pulse generators with the advantage of absolute encoders. Electronical manual puls generators enables easy and intuitive input of set-points to PLC. In the past it was necessary to use additional modules in order to read-in the data of an electronical manual pulse generator. Now the INDUcoder Absolute Manual Encoders MEA 70 can be integrated without any additional efforts in existing fieldbus systems. Available fieldbus interfaces are Profibus, CANopen®, Device Net, ETHERNET Powerlink and Interbus. For direct connection to PLC the manual pulse generators MEA 70 are produced with SSI and Parallel Outputs. For the first time manual pulse generators MEA 70 with parallel interface enables data-input to PLC systems, which are equipped with parallel I/O-ports only. Even long cyclus times, which are the reason that connection of inkremental manual pulse generators are difficult or not possible, are no problem any longer with Absolute Manual Encoder MEA 70.

The wear-free magnetic click mechanism with 100 click-stop position consists of a rotor and a stator made of machined solid metal. For bearing of the rotor extremely loadability bearings are used, the maximum load capacity of 50 N radial and 20 N axial is achieved. A coupling for connection of the encoder shaft to the shaft of the click mechanism avoids negative reaction to the optical scanning of the absolute encoder. The rotating knob has an outer diameter of 70 mm. The required torque for operation is configured to customer's request up to 20 Ncm. Due to the high torque the compact design and the SMD technology, Manual Pulse Generators MEA 70 are extremely resistant to vibration and shock.

Absolute Manual Encoders MEA 70 are produced as single-turn encoder with a resolution up to 16 bit per revolution and as multi-turn encoder with a total resolution up to 30 bit. MEA 70 with fieldbus interface are programmable. By electronic reset Manual Encoders MEA 70 are set to zero point easily. Power supply voltage is 10 .. 30 VDC. The high protection class IP 65 (extra IP 66) is especially suitable for rough environmental conditions.

  • Robust electronical Manual Pulse Generator with ABSOLUTE ENCODER
  • Interfaces: SSI, Profibus, CANopen®, Device Net, ETHERNET Powerlink, Interbus, Push-Pull
  • Easy integration in already existing fieldbus systems or direct connection to PLC
  • Single-turn with resolution up to 16 bit per revolution or multi-turn with total resolution up to 30 bit
  • Electronic reset and programmable
  • Large rotating knob with wear-free magnetic click-stop and 100 click-stop positions
  • High protection class IP 65, extra IP 66

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