Euro No Shaft Encoder ES 401

In the product line EURO ENCODER INDUcoder offers the optical incremental encoder with hollow shaft - hollow shaft diameter 5 or 6 mm - with package diameter 38 mm. Installation dimension of the encoder is only 27 mm. This minimizes the required mounting space for the encoder.

But the EURO NO SHAFT ENCODER ES401 has further advantages:
Not only must the high resolution from 30 up 3,600 pulses per revolution be mentioned - which beats the resolution of common devices in the market with this installation dimension. Also its possible application in high temperature range up to +100° Celsius is remarkable.

ES401 is available with 3 or 6 channel output and the following combinations of supply voltages: 5 VDC, 4.5 - 13 VDC or 10.8 - 26 VDC. Output drivers can be selected from RS422 line driver, push-pull as well as open collector output with or without internal pull-up resistor. The standard cable has a length of 0.5 m. On customer's request longer cables can be assembled. Load of the ball bearings of ES401 is 30 N in radial direction and 10 N in axial direction. Therefore this no shaft encoder is suitable for narrow installation space.


  • Optical incremental encoder with hollow shaft
  • Resolution up to 3,600 pulses per revolution
  • Package diameter 38 mm -
  • installation dimension is only 27 mm
  • High temperature range up to 100° Celsius

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