Handy Pulser EHP-E/EO

The well established INDUcoder product line of manual pulse generators and hand-held terminals has been expanded to a new device, the robust HANDY PULSER EHP-EO.

The electronic hand-held terminal has an ergonomically designed case made of ABS synthetics.

To assure a safeguard keeping of the device two lateral recessed grips are fitted. The built-in Manual Encoder with mechanical click-stop has a resolution of 100 pulses per revolution. Power supply voltage is 5 VDC with RS 422 linedriver or 5 - 12 VDC with open collector outputs with internal pull-up resistor. The device has one switch for axis selection "X, Y, Z, 4" and one switch is available for factor quot;.x1, x10, x100".

HANDY PULSER EHP-EO with 3-position Enable Switch is able to transmit the preset of switches to the controller as a permanent signal or as a pulse. The Enable Switch is fitted counter-sunk in the recessed grip on the left side of the device for prevending erroneously changing of the above mentioned preset of switches and to increase the safe operation with the terminal extensive.

The hand-held terminal is available with 2, 3 or 5 m spiral cable.

HANDY PULSER EHP-E / EO are providing a high protection class of IP 65 and are especially suitable for rough environmental conditions.

  • Robust electronic hand-held terminal
  • Ergonomic designed case made of ABS synthetics
  • Manual pulser with 100 pulses per revolution
  • Switch for axis selection "X, Y, Z, 4"
    Switch for factor "x1, x10, x100"
    Green luminous control-LED
  • EHP-EO with additional Emergency Stop and 3-position Enable Switch
  • High protection class IP 65
  • Terminal block or spiral cable up to 5 m length

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