Handy Pulser EHP-LD

The well established INDUcoder product line of manual pulse generators and hand-held terminals has been expanded to a new device, the HANDY PULSER EHP-LD.

The electronic hand-held terminal pulser box is made of ABS synthetic. The very flat case height of only 31 mm leads to a very handy device. The built-in rotating knob with mechanical click-stop is comparable to manual pulse generator ESO 77 and is available with resolution of 100 pulses per revolution.

Supply voltage is 5 VDC with open collector output with internal pull-up resistor. The hand-held terminal is programmable via the RS 232C interface. The LCD display has 16 characters and 4 lines.

Data input is made via a keyboard membrane-switch array with 7 keys. Using this keypad the following functions can be programmed:

  • Selecting the axis by keys,
  • Selection of 16 axes,
  • Display of the axis position,
  • Multiplier selection "x1, x10, x100, x1000".
  • Handy-Pulser-EHP-LD and controller communicate via RS232C interface in ASCII code.

The enable switch avoids erroneously changing of the above mentioned programmed functions and therefore safety of operation of HANDY PULSER EHP-LD is granted.

The hand-held terminal is available with 2, 3 or 5 m spiral cable.

HANDY PULSER EHP-LD has a high protection class of IP 65 and is especially suitable for rough environmental conditions.

  • Programmable electronic hand-held terminal
  • LCD-display and data input via keyboard membrane-switch array
  • Enable switch
  • Very flat housing - case height only 31 mm
  • Spiral cable up to 5 m
  • High protection class IP 65

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