Linear Motion Transducer PLE/PLA 200

- Measuring range up 50 m - with ETHERNET Powerlink

The linear motion transducer of model range PLE, PLA, PCE and PCA are robust and compact position displacement measuring systems with measuring range up to 30,000 mm. Today we present you our Linear Motion Transducer PLE/PLA 200 with measuring range of 30,000 mm, 40,000 mm and 50,000 mm.

This measuring system acquires a linear motion by unwinding a high flexible steel cable from a precision cable drum. Spring mechanics keep the stainless steel cable under permanent tension and enable the drum to wind up the cable on reversed moving direction. Due to especially strong springs high accelerations of cable up to 20 ms-2 are permissible. This allows the application of this transducer in highly dynamical systems. By means of a spindle with adequate pitch according to the cable diameter, the cable drum is tracked so that the stainless steel cable is winded up in a single layer over the whole measuring length. Therefore a high linearity over the full measuring range is guaranteed.

The incremental or absolute encoders with package diameter of 58 mm mounted to the cable drum convert the rotation into electrical signals and make the exact position data available.

The linear motion transducer PLE/PLA 200 can be operated with incremental shaft encoders as well as with absolute encoders.

Using the incremental shaft encoder ED 58 / EE 58 resolutions up to 50 µm are achievable. The incremental signals are transmitted via RS422 line driver or push-pull outputs. Supply voltage is 5 VDC TTL or 10 .. 30 VDC.

Using absolute encoders resolutions up to 61 µm are achievable. The complex wiring reduces a lot when using encoders with field bus interfaces. Also the more and more used field bus interface ETHERNET Powerlink, with its well known advantages, is available for the linear motion transducer with mounted ABSOLUT ENCODER EAM 58 ETHERNET Powerlink.

The following linear motion transducer with case height and measuring length are selectable by the customer:

PLE 85 / PLA 85    case height 85 mm and measuring length 2,500 mm
PLE 115 / PLA 115    case height 155 mm and measuring length 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, and 15,000 mm
PCE 180 / PCA 180    case height 180 mm and measuring length 20,000 mm and 30,000 mm
PLE 200 / PLA 200    case height 200 mm and measuring length 30,000 mm, 40,000 mm and 50,000 mm
  • Linear motion transducer with incremental encoder or absolute encoder
  • Measuring range up 50,000 mm
  • Package diameter 200 mm
  • For incremental encoder ED 58 up to 10,000 pulses per revolution and multi-turn encoder with resolution up to 25 bit
  • Interfaces: RS422, push-pull, SSI, INTERBUS, ETHERNET Powerlink, PROFIBUS, CANopen® and Device Net

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