Manual Encoder MEE 70

INDUcoder has developed the robust manual pulse generator MANUAL ENCODER MEE 70 with magnetic click-stop.

This new MANUAL ENCODER MEE 70 is based on our particularly reliable incremental encoder EURO ENCODER ES 381. Therefore resolutions from 20 to 3.600 pulses per revolution are available for MEE 70. Due to this unusually high resolution for manual pulse generators, MEE 70 is especially suitable for controller whose ability of factor selection is restricted or not provided.

With the feature of RS422 line driver outputs power supply voltage is 5 VDC. Due to the differential output signals a highly interference proof transmission over large distances is guaranteed.

With the feature of Push-pull outputs power supply is 11 - 26 VDC. The high-level outputs can supply up to 20 mA current, therefore a direct connection to 24-V-inputs of a PLC is possible.

MEE 70 with Open-collector outputs are available with power supply voltage 4,5 - 13 VDC and 11 - 26 VDC. The feature with 4,5 - 13 VDC power supply voltage has a very low current consumption of typically less than 60 mA and therefore it is especially suitable for battery-driven devices.

The wear-free magnetic click mechanism with 100 click-stop positions consists of a rotor and a stator made of machined solid metal. For bearing of the rotor extremely loadability bearings are used, the maximum load capacity of 50 N radial and 20 N axial is achieved. A coupling for connection of the encoder shaft to the shaft of the click mechanism avoids negative reaction to the optical scanning of the incremental encoder. The rotating knob has an outer diameter of 70 mm. The required torque for operation is configured to customer's request up to 20 Ncm. Due to the high torque, the compact design and the SMD technology, Manual Pulse Generator MEE 70 is extremely resistant to vibration up to 150 ms-2 and shock up to 490 ms-2.

  • Manual Encoder MEE 70 is manufactured with cable outlet on side. The standard cable has a length of 1 m. On customer's request longer cables are assembled.
  • Robust electronic manual pulse generator with INCREMENTAL ENCODER
  • Resolution up to 3.600 pulses per revolution
  • Large rotating knob and wear-free magnetical click-stop and 100 click-stop positions
  • RS422 line driver outputs for interference proof transmission over large distances
  • Push-pull outputs for direct connection to PLC

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