Mini Encoder ES 24

In spite of its small package diameter of only 24 mm MICRO ENCODER ES 24 is suitable of industrial applications.

ES 24 is manufactured with resolutions of 100, 200, 300, 360, 400, 500, 512 and 600 pulses per revolution. It is available with 3 output channels and either with supply voltage of 12 VDC and output driver as open collector with or without internal pull-up resistor or with supply voltage of 24 VDC and output driver as open collector.

Shaft load is <10 N radial and <5 N axial.
The encoder has a cable outlet on the rear; standard cable length is 0.5 m.

Operating temperature ranges from -10° up to +70° Celsius, storage temperature ranges from -30° up to +80° Celsius.

MINI ENCODERS ES 24 provides the advantage of high resolution, in spite of the compact design.

  • Optical incremental encoder with shaft
  • Mini-package diameter only 24 mm
  • High resolution from 100 up to 600 pulses per revolution
  • Operating temperature range from -10°...+70° Celsius
  • IP 50

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