NIRO Absolut Encoder NAM

INDUcoder offers from now on all absolute shaft encoders with standard package diameter of 58 mm in a stainless steel housing. Due to the stainless steel housing absolute encoders are extremely resistant to rough environmental conditions and can be used with standard installation space of 58 mm.

The presented NIRO ABSOLUT ENCODER NAM 58/Profibus is manufactured with resolutions of 12, 13, and 16 bit per revolution as single-turn and as multi-turn with measurement range of 4,096 and 16,384 revolutions. Data format for transmission via the Profibus is binary code. Supply voltage is 10 - 30 VDC.

The electrical connection is from the rear via the connection cover with cable glands made of stainless steel. The terminal connectors for Profibus interface and power supply voltage are slanted by an angle of 45°, which makes connecting much easier. The terminal connectors are provided each for the incoming and outgoing lines.

The device address is set by two decimal coded rotating switches. Therefore time-consuming coversion of the binary code is unnecessary, as it is inevitable using DIP-switches. If required, the termination for the Profibus interface may be activated by a switch. The outgoing terminals for the Profibus are disconnected. Therefore false configurations are immediately detectable, if several devices are connected to the Profibus.

When a new encoder is connected or exchanged, there is no need to disconnect the Profibus.

All active electronic parts, like bus controller for example, are integrated inside the housing and not inside the cover, therefore an excellent EMC characteristics is guaranteed.

The required GSD files for configuration as well as type-files for older controls are included in delivery.

We also manufacture ROBUST-ENCODER-SYSTEMS AWG/AWS with stainless steel housing. They are especially designed for applications under rough environmental conditions like heavy machinery industry, off-shore applications, sluice construction, outdoor cranes, chemical industry and food industry. They are also suitable for radiation areas and under conditions with high shaft load or vibration and shock. Operation temperature range can be expanded up to +200° Celsius using water or pressure air cooling or by using heating up to -40° Celsius. All common interfaces, like Profibus, CANbus, are available for the ROBUST-ENCODER-SYSTEMS.

  • Optical absolute shaft encoder with 58 mm diameter
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Single-turn and multi-turn with resolution up to 30 bit
  • Interfaces: SSI, INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, CANopen®, Device Net, PARALLEL
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Shock resistance 300 m/s²

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