Robust Encoder AWS101

ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEMS AWG are used since many years in hundreds in many different designs in all industrial applications under extreme environmental conditions.

The presented ROBUST ENCODER AWS101 expands the series ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEMS AWG to an extremely robust linear displacement transducer, especially produced for applications under rough conditions. All housing components are made of stainless steel (1.4301 material). The thick stainless steel tube is screwed to the flange which carries the mechanic of the linear motion transducer. The cover including the electrical connectors is fixed by a stainless steel snap ring. O-ring gaskets made of Viton seal the cover and flange. Protection class is IP 67.

The stainless steel measuring cable of 2,500 mm length is additionally covered by a synthetic coating, providing a smooth surface. Therefore it renders operation in soil environment. Using a large precision cable drum with 250 mm circumference, single layer winding is guaranteed. This provides high linearity in measurement. The special strong spring mechanics keep the measuring cable under permanent tension and allows high accelerations of cable up to 30 m/s².

With built-in incremental encoder ED 58 / EE 58 resolution up to 25 µm is achievable. The signals are provided via RS422 line drivers or push-pull outputs. The supply voltage is 5 VDC TTL or 10-30 VDC.

With built-in absolute encoders resolution up to 30 µm is achievable. SSI-interfaces and all common field bus interfaces are available. Also the more and more used field bus interface ETHERNET Powerlink, with its well known advantages, is available for the ROBUST ENCODER AWS101 with built-in absolute encoder EAM 58.

To avoid condensed water or for using the device in ambient temperature down to -40°C the ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEM AWS101 may be equipped with an electronic thermostatic controlled heating. For using the device in ambient temperature up to +125°C a cooling device with compressed air may be built in.

The ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEM AWS101 is also manufactured as redundant encoder systems in combination with one or two incremental encoders or absolute encoders.

  • Measuring range 2,500 mm
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Absolute encoder with SSI-interface, Profibus DP Class 2, CANopen®, Device Net or ETHERNET Powerlink
  • Incremental encoder with push-pull outputs or RS422 line driver outputs

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