Robust Encoder Systeme AWG101 - PROFIBUS / CANBUS

ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEMS AWG are used since many years in hundreds in many different designs in all industrial applications under extreme environmental conditions.

The presented AWG101-PROFIBUS/CANBUS is an extreme robust stainless steel encoder, specially manufactured for use in food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Because aggressive detergents and disinfectants are often used in this industrial sector, all accessible parts of housing of AWG101-PROFIBUS/CANBUS like Profibus connection cap, screws and retaining rings are made of stainless steel. Gaskets are made of Viton. Also all shielded cable fittings are made of stainless steel.

As an ABSOLUTE ENCODER with Profibus-DP Class 2, CANopen® or Device Net the resolution is up to 25 bit. It is electrically connected from the rear via the connection cover with cable glands made of stainless steel. The terminal connectors for interface and power supply voltage are slanted by an angle of 45° and are provided each for the incoming and outgoing lines. If required, the termination for the interface may be activated by a switch. The address or the node number, respectively, is set by two decimal coded rotating switches. Therefore time-consuming coversion of the binary code is unnecessary, as it is inevitable using DIP-switches. The active devices, normally used on such connecting boards, are placed inside the encoder housing which guarantee excellent EMC characteristics.

To avoid condensed water or for using the device in ambient temperature down to -40°C the ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEM AWG101 may be equipped with an electronic thermostatic controlled heating. For using the device in ambient temperature up to +125°C a cooling device with compressed air may be installed.

The ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEM AWG101 is also manufactured as redundant encoder systems in combination with one or two incremental encoders or absolute encoders.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Absolute encoder with Profibus DP Class 2, CANopen® or Device Net
  • Application: food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry

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