SSI Display Module MOD 20

The display modules MOD20 are programmable multifunctional display modules, alternatively for connecting one single-turn or one multi-turn absolute encoder with SSI interface or parallel output with resolution up to 30 bit or one incremental shaft encoder.

The MOD20 has the usual standard function of a display module, but additional 9 control outputs, which can be programmed separately by 24 cam switches as threshold switch, cam switch or pulse switch.

The displayed parameters for scale factor, decimal sign and zero offset are completely programmable. Due to the cycle time of only 250 µs display modules MOD 20 are also suitable for time-critical applications. Different functions, like storing the displayed value or enabling the counter, can be controlled by 6 programmable external input signals.

The display module provides an analogue output, programmable as voltage output from -10 to +10 V or as current output from -20 to +20 mA. The digital values are converted to the analogue output signals by a high-precision 16-bit D/A-converter. Scaling factor and zero offset of the analogue signal are programmable too. The analogue output parameters are programmable in a way that the full voltage or current range is used within any angular range of the encoder.

Optional the display modules can be equipped with additional parallel inputs and outputs. An absolute encoder with parallel interface can be connected to the 24 bit parallel input. Either position or velocity can be put out in binary, Gray or BCD-code via the 24 bit parallel output.

For serial communication the MOD20 offers CANBUS interface, RS232 interface, and RS422/485 interface. Connection of the display module MOD 20 to a PC is possible via RS232 or RS422 interface. Using the RS485 interface up to 31 display modules MOD 20 can be programmed and read out simultaneously by one PC.

Supply voltage of MOD 20 is 10 to 35 VDC; power consumption is less than 150 mA. In case of voltage breakdown the counter value of the incremental shaft encoder is written to an EEPROM. Therefore the last value is available, when the device is switched on again.

With its dimensions of 157 x 144 x 72 mm the case is prepared for panel mounting. Data is displayed by a red 8-digit 7-segment LED display with digit height of 14 mm. Protection class of the front panel is IP 50, IP 54 with protective housing. Protection class of the rear panel is IP 20. Operation temperature is 0° to 50° Celsius.

  • Display module with programmable inputs and outputs for absolute encoders and incremental encoders
  • SSI-interface / Parallel interface, CANBUS / RS422/485-interface and RS232-interface for PC-connection

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