Standard No Shaft Encoder EDH 110

The optical incremental STANDARD NO SHAFT ENCODER EDH 110 with through hollow shaft is a high resolution encoder with integrated stator coupling.

Package diameter is 110 mm. The through hollow shaft is manufactured on customer's request in every diameter up to 27 mm.

Easy mounting of the no shaft encoder is supported by the centring device with diameter 85 mm. Because of the integrated stator coupling the normally necessary spring mounting can be omitted.

EDH 110 is manufactured with resolutions from 1 to 18,000 pulses per revolution with square-wave signals or sine/cosine signals. Resolutions up to 900,000 pulses per revolution are available with square-wave signals.

High angular measurement accuracy is ±1 angular minute with square-wave signals and sine/cosine signals (standard) or ±25, ±10 or ±5 angular seconds on request.
Standard phase tolerance is ±10° for sine/cosine signals. Phase tolerance of ±20 seconds is available on request.

Supply voltage is 5 VDC with RS422 line driver or 10 - 30 VDC with push-pull or RS422 line driver.

The presented encoder EDH 110 is available with sine/cosine signals with 1 Vpp and supply voltage 5 or 10 - 30 Volts. This device is especially suitable for applications in drive engineering and for high precision positioning tasks.

Shock resistance of 200 g is remarkably high for this type of encoder.

The industrial standard of operation temperature of comparable encoders is 0° to +80° Celsius. INDUcoder offers the incremental no shaft encoder EDH 110 with an operation temperature of -42° to +110° Celsius. Therefore EDH 110 can be installed very close to motors.

EDH 110 is manufactured with cable outlet on the side. The standard cable has a length of 1 m. On customer's request longer cables can be assembled.

  • Optical incremental encoder with through hollow shaft
  • Integrated stator coupling
  • Resolution up to 900,000 pulses per revolution
  • Measurement accuracy up to ±5 angular seconds
  • Sine/Cosine signals
  • Phase tolerance ±20''

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